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public class Config

Yaml.Config class to manage Yaml configuration files and provide a Yaml.Root node.

Yaml.Config use a Yaml.Finder to easily retriew a particular node.
The Yaml.Config.get method is bind to the Yaml.Finder.find method with
the root node as context. (more details on Yaml.Finder)

 var config = new Yaml.Config (path);
var node = config.get ("{0}");
if (node != null) {
of.echo (

You can use a special import clause to embed a set of yaml files into your current document.

# |  use special key word '^imports' to import other yaml config files in 
# | current yaml document
# | '^imports' must be uniq and a direct child of root node
# | imported files are injected as mapping nodes at top document level
# | so you cannot use keys that already exists in the document
^imports :
# you can redefine default import path with the special key '^path'
# if you do not use it, the default path value will be the current directory
# redefined path values are relative to the current directory (if a relative path
# is provided)
^path : ./config
# you can also define any other var by prefixing key with ^
^dir : subdir
# and use it enclosed by ^
# here final test path will be "./config/subdir/test.yml"
test : ^dir^/test.yml
# here final db path will be "./config/db.yml"
db : db.yml

Namespace: Pluie.Yaml
Package: pluie-yaml-0.6



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